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Payment Information

Payment Methods:


The only form of payment that I can accept is PayPal Goods and Services. I do not accept any other methods of payment. The lone exception to this is if you also live in Canada. In that case, I can also accept e-transfers. PP G&S is my preferred method of payment, however.


Payment Timelines:

The timeline for making payments depends on the type of pickup being done. In the case of VIP and All Access tickets, as well as Limited Editions, no funds will be due prior to the end of June/beginning of July. I want to give you as much time as possible to save for Breyerfest! The other reason why no payments are due until close to Breyerfest is so that clients have the ability to file a PayPal claim to recoup their funds if something goes very, very wrong. I am keenly aware of the number of people who were scammed out of money over the past few years by unscrupulous persons, and I want everyone to have the peace of mind that knowing they have a way to recoup their money brings. You are trusting me to provide a service, but the number of scammers out there can be terrifying. I want you to be able to trust me 110% with your pickup requests.

With individual model pickups, there will be certain amounts due up front. For SR models, I will require $50.00 to be paid as a non-refundable deposit towards the model. Pickups for individual Stablemates from the yet unnamed set will need to be paid in full at the time of request, as I do need to purchase the tickets for these models, as well. While you are free to back out of pickups at any time, this amount is non-refundable because it is allocated to the purchase of the tickets needed to buy the models. I cannot receive a refund on those, once purchased. The balance of the fee will be due at the end of June/beginning of July. 

Shipping for any pickups will be invoiced no later than Monday, July 15th. This payment will be due within 24 hours, so that I can ship your packages to you!

Payment plans are always a possibility! Please let me know if this is something that you will require. All payments must be made in full prior to me purchasing your models. Models that have not been paid for prior to Breyerfest will be considered forfeit.


Models will be shipped directly from Lexington on the Monday and Tuesday immediately following Breyerfest, so I will need to have shipping payment completed by Tuesday morning. The lone exception to this is if you also live in Canada. In that case, models will ship once I return home. Models can be shipped via USPS or UPS, at the discretion of the buyer. I happily combine shipping as well, so that you pay one price to ship all of your models as opposed to a price per model. I WILL HAPPILY SHIP INTERNATIONALLY!

Bubble Wrap:

Assuming that Breyer will be using the same eco-friendly packaging as last year, a lot of the SR models will not come with bubble wrap. They will come packaged in honeycomb packing paper, with a plastic bag in between the model and the paper. While there is no risk of the paper damaging your model, I know that a lot of people aren't comfortable trusting the honeycomb paper with their precious models. I am more than happy to offer bubble wrap for your models, but there would be an additional cost of $5.00 per model to do so. I simply cannot afford to purchase bubble wrap for upwards of 400 models out of my own pocket. That's a lot of bubble wrap, folks!

Refunds and Cancellations:


In the event that I cannot obtain any model that you have requested, all fees will be returned to the buyer, including pickup fees. This is not something that has ever been an issue, but I still need to state that if I cannot obtain your model, you are not on the hook for any costs associated with it. If tickets are purchased through me, they are non-refundable after purchase. Tickets sent to me are also considered forfeit should the purchaser back out of the agreement. If no payment has been made for models, clients are welcome to back out at any time. I understand that things come up. If payments have been made, pickup fees will NOT be refunded if the buyer chooses to back out of the agreement, and the cost of the model is only refundable if the refund is requested at least two weeks in advance of Breyerfest.

ALL FEES ARE 100% REFUNDABLE IF BREYER CANCELS THE IN-PERSON BREYERFEST. I will not keep a cent of your money if Breyerfest goes virtual again. Additionally, I will not be collecting any fees - aside from ticket costs - until June, at the earliest, so that nobody is paying anything until we are almost certain that Breyerfest will run as planned. The only exception is if you are having me purchase tickets on your behalf. In that case, the ticket cost is due up-front.

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