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All Access Pickups


As always, I recognize that there will be plenty of people who want more than one SR model! This method of purchasing pickups also gives you access to all of the online content that Breyer offers! If you want to experience Breyerfest Online, then this is the way to go! You will need to purchase your own ALL ACCESS ticket for pickups. Online Access will not allow me to pick up your models for you! As far as pickup fees go, there are two options:

1) You pay the cost of the model + shipping + $25 pickup fee per model.


2) You pay the cost of the model + shipping, and allow me to use the second SR slot on your ticket in lieu of a pickup fee.


If you are purchasing your own All Access tickets, you will need to forward the ticket booklet to me, once you have received it. I will need all of the tickets contained within the booklet to pick up your models. I do have a US mailing address that these can be shipped to, so you do not need to worry about shipping anything internationally.

Micro-Runs and Split Runs:

As always, I'm sure that there are questions regarding things like variations and split runs. For micro-runs, you will be sent the model that was given to me with your ticket. If your ticket draws a micro-run, you will receive that micro-run.

The same thing generally applies to split runs as well. I will automatically send you the model that was picked up with your ticket. That being said, I fully understand that some people may have a preference for one colour or finish over another. If you would like to be able to select your colour/variation/finish, I will see what I can do to swap your model to one that you prefer. For this service, there will be an additional $10 cost per model. This amount will not be charged unless I am successful in getting you your desired version. This will not be charged if you get pulled for your desired finish/colour! It only applies if I need to spend time trying to trade your model for a different version. I will try to provide choice of colour for the Surprise Models, as well as matte/gloss splits, mane/tail splits, or colour splits. I cannot promise choice of finish for the Surprise models. If you do not wish to select your colour/variation, you will receive the model that was redeemed with your ticket.

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