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Celebration Model & Event SM's!

Athenian Lady:

Are you just looking to obtain Athenian Lady, without having to pay the whole cost of an All Access or Online Traditional Access ticket? Well, here is your opportunity! I will have a minimum of 15 copies of Athenian Lady available, and I am willing to part with them for the low price of $25.00 plus shipping to your address. Whether you're looking for a copy for your collection, or extra models to customize, here's you best chance!

Still Bejeweled Four-Pack

Have you fallen in love with one (or more!) of the adorable little SM's in the Still Bejeweled Four-Pack? Do you want to guarantee that you can bring your desired model home with you? Well then, I'm your girl! I am offering pickups for both individual SM's, or the entire four pack!

Make It Pop Like Pink Champagne - $40.00

Next summer’s BreyerFest celebration of Against All Odds is about highlighting the triumphs of some incredible equines, so we are going to Make it Pop Like Pink Champagne with this first rosé reveal!  Done as a rose-colored filigree on mold # 5758, this mini mare shines with a pearly coat and is finished with a luscious gloss.  This pink pony shows off all it’s pretty in this vibrant deco!

Waiting For That Green Light - $40.00

This next reveal won’t be Waiting for that Green Light as he jumps into your herd.  Jane Lunger’s Warmblood Jumper (mold #5620) looks exceptionally handsome in this teal-green filigree deco, with a pearly base and glossy finish.  You’ll always be in love with this cutie!

Blue Jeans, White Shirt - $40.00

No need to wait a million years to get this beautiful re-imagining of Maggie Jenner-Bennett’s Stock Horse Mare (mold #5744).  So put on your best Blue Jeans, White Shirt and boots and get ready to party with this pony that you’ll love until the end of time.  She has been done in a denim-inspired blue filigree with a pearly undercoat and glossy finish.

Suddenly I Was A Lilac Sky - $40.00

Our final reveal for this year’s beautifully bejeweled Event Stablemates models will have you deciding purple IS for you.  Suddenly I was a Lilac Sky, on mold #5746, has been done in a stunning violet filigree finished in a luscious gloss.

Four Pack - $100.00

If you are desperately desiring all four marvelous minis, then why not add the entire four-pack to your collection? The set will include all four of the models listed above, for the low price of $100 for the set! That's over $60 in savings!


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