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After last year, it came to my attention that there are a lot of people who don't want to deal with the hassle of buying whole tickets for single models. There were also a lot of people who wanted to add a third model, but didn't want to purchase an additional ticket. So, for the first time, I will be offering individual models for purchase!


Prices will be a set fee, and will range from $135 to $170, and will include everything except for shipping. Prices will be based on the price of the model from Breyer, and not popularity. This method means that you don't need to purchase tickets, or worry about any other fees! You're locked in for your model at a set price! This method is also fantastic if you don't want to end up with a bunch of extra Celebration models!


If you would like a Celebration Model, it can be added to your loot for the low cost of $10!

For these pickups, a portion of the fee ($50) would be due upon deciding on the pickup, to facilitate purchase of the ticket for the model.

Micro-Runs and Split Runs:

As always, I'm sure that there are questions regarding things like variations and split runs. For micro-runs, you will be sent the model that was given to me with your ticket. If your ticket draws a micro-run, you will receive that micro-run.

The same thing generally applies to split runs as well. I will automatically send you the model that was picked up with your ticket. That being said, I fully understand that some people may have a preference for one colour or finish over another. If you would like to be able to select your colour/variation/finish, I will see what I can do to swap your model to one that you prefer. For this service, there will be an additional $10 cost per model. This amount will not be charged unless I am successful in getting you your desired version. This will not be charged if you get pulled for your desired finish/colour! It only applies if I need to spend time trying to trade your model for a different version. I will try to provide choice of colour for the Surprise Models, as well as matte/gloss splits, mane/tail splits, or colour splits. I cannot promise choice of finish for the Surprise models. If you do not wish to select your colour/variation, you will receive the model that was redeemed with your ticket. 


Please note that I cannot guarantee specific versions of models, nor can I guarantee things like micro-runs or glossy Surprise models. It is generally not possible to swap a standard SR for one of these models. I have no trouble trying, but I do not want to make promises that I cannot keep.


Can't Hold Us Down: $145.00 plus shipping until April 15th, $150.00 after.

This is for our girls (and guys) all around the world who have ever come across someone that doesn’t respect their worth. What do we do? Shout louder! They Can’t Hold Us Down! We were inspired by the 2002 girl power anthem, and this beautiful model is our first Special Run reveal for this year! This model was done as a beautiful brindle on the vintage Indian Pony, mold #175 sculpted by the iconic Chris Hess.



Miss Independent: $145.00 plus shipping until April 15th, $150.00 after.

The early aughts may have been an awkward time for fashion (trust us, they were), but they were a great time for pop anthems! This next Special Run model has been named after the OG American Idol winner’s breakout hit Miss Independent. Done as a mare on Morgen Kilbourn’s Cantering Warmblood, mold #739, this eye-catching dunalino reminds you to be self-sufficient, unafraid, and to never let anyone interfere with your growth.

Sorry, Not Sorry: $150.00 plus shipping until April 15th, $155.00 after.

This next handsome reveal is out here, looking like revenge. This model walks the walk and talks the talk, and we know you won’t be able to resist adding him to your collection. All we have to say about that is Sorry, Not Sorry. Dressed up in a spectacular glossy leopard appaloosa coat and done on Brigitte Eberl’s poised Salinero (mold #704), this Special Run model is an absolute 10 that will make a great addition to your herd. Available to in-person VIP and All-Access ticket holders only. This means that the only way for you to get this model if you aren't going to Breyerfest is to have pickups done!

This Is My Fight Song: $155.00 plus shipping until April 15th, $160.00 after.

This is My Fight Song is an ultra-handsome liver chestnut frame overo pinto on the brand new Lipizzaner Stallion mold, #819, sculpted by Heather Puleo. This guy has a lot of fight in him, and we know you’ll want to add him to your herd. This handsome hun is only available to in-person ticket holders, so get your pickup slot booked now!

Girls Run The World Surprise: $170.00 plus shipping until April 15th, $175.00 after.

The most recent of Breyer's popular Surprise Models, the mold for this release is unknown. Neither mold nor colours will be released prior to Breyerfest. As such, I cannot guarantee mold, colour, or finish for this release. We do know that it will definitely be an exciting release!

The Edge of Glory: $145.00 plus shipping until April 15th, $150.00 after.

We wanted to brush with the dangerous and show fans a reveal of the next Special Run model that will be available at BreyerFest this summer. Done as a stunningly handsome soft dapple grey on Brigitte Eberl’s Ashquar (mold #727), this Special Run model is finished in a delicious gloss that will make you put on your shades. He is truly on The Edge of Glory. This stunning, glossy guy is only available to in-person ticket holders, so a pickup is your only way to get this guy if you can't be in Kentucky!

Fighter & Survivor: $165.00 plus shipping until April 15th, $170.00 after.

You thought you knew this mold! Fighter, our strong mama, works hard and keeps a keen eye out for her little one. This BreyerFest Special Run model has been done on Kylee Parks’ stunning new Vanner mare (mold # 811), recently released as a part of the 2023 Premier Club, in a rich dark bay minimal sabino with four white socks. We think she will make a stunning addition to your herd. Her little one is chilling! Survivor, the sweet little foal, is going to work hard at being her best. Done on mold #812 in a beautiful black sabino pattern, this little girl has perfect vision with her two differently-colored eyes!

I Will Survive: $140.00 plus shipping until April 15th, $145.00 after.

The loss of an animal species is a devastating blow to our planet’s ecosystem, no matter how big or small the creature. Due to colonization and subsequent over-hunting in South Africa, the Quagga was hunted to extinction in the late 19th century. However, there may be hope. Because Quaggas were discovered to be a sub-species of plains zebras, and not a distinct species, scientists are working to bring this equid back. In 1987, German naturalist Reinhold Rau pioneered the Quagga Project in South Africa, which selectively breeds a reduced stipe pattern in plains zebras. While these Rau Quaggas are not true, genetic Quaggas, this is an incredible scientific achievement. I Will Survive has been done in Kristina Lucas Francis’ zebra, mold #468, as a stunning Quagga to remind us all that even after experiencing some of the most dire life circumstances, there is always hope of coming back from the brink.

Better Than Revenge: $145.00 plus shipping until April 15th, $150.00 after.

Here at HQ, we love to have fun. And that includes sometimes stirring the pot a little and getting people excited about the wild and wonderful. We hope you love this delightfully nostalgic mare as much as we do. Meet Better Than Revenge. 

Done on Maggie Jenner-Bennett’s Sport Pony version of mold #808, this deliciously glossy neon rainbow zebra checks all the boxes, so let’s hear the applause -Unique, Colorful, and Glossy! Fruit Stripe Gum (RIP). Lisa Frank. Saved by the Bell. Whatever your 90s aesthetic, this model is it. 

Please Send Me A Message If You Are Interested In Pickups!

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