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Have you been the victim of a severely flawed Limited Edition model? One where the flaws look into your soul from across the room? Well, I'm offering a new service this year! I am offering the opportunity to have your Limited Edition models hand-picked! I will make sure that your LE model actually has their eyes painted, and that the giant spot of brown paint is supposed to be there.


All models will be gone over before purchase to ensure a lovely model. Please note that I cannot promise LSQ models, as I cannot see the side of the model attached to the box. I do show myself, so I would consider myself to be a decent judge of what will do well in a show ring. I will guarantee a model with excellent shading, crisp markings, and minimal flaws on the visible portion of the model. I'm going to do my best to get you a show quality model, but I cannot open the boxes to inspect off-sides. This service will (obviously) not apply to any models sold in sealed cardboard boxes, since I lack x-ray vision and cannot see through cardboard. You have my sincere apologies for that fact.


The cost will be $30 per model, plus the cost of the model and shipping. PLEASE NOTE: This service cannot be applied to Limited Edition models picked up with VIP tickets. They just hand me one and go. I'm sorry that I can't offer this for VIP tickets!


Via Lattea: $105.00 plus shipping.

This Italian Trotter mare has turned heads on the track for more than one reason! Born in Italy, under the shadow of the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, this special mare became Europe’s first white trotter. Named after the white stars found in the Milky Way, she was bought by Tristan Sjoberg, who has indeed helped this special mare become a star on and off the track. Via, who is no stranger to the spotlight, attracts the attention of trainers and press wherever she goes. Trainer Åke Svanstedt would say Via Lattea knows she is queen of the track and would rather get her picture taken than train! Ending her successful racing career in 2019, which included a win in the $30,000 Bobby Weiss Series at Pocono Downs, Via Lattea has become a successful broodmare, even producing another white trotter foal in 2022!



HD Harkness: $100.00 plus shipping.

Poster boy for the “Carriage Pleasure Driving” page of the American Morgan Horse Association’s website, HD Harkness is no stranger from the spotlight. The handsome bay Morgan gelding has made quite the name for himself being an ambassador for Carriage Pleasure Driving. Hark embodies all the fabulous qualities of the Morgan breed that make them so popular for driving - loyal, athletic, easy to train, and trustworthy all are apparent traits in Hark, even from a young age. Purchased as a two-year-old by Mary Chris Foxworthy, with a unanimous vote from friends and family, Hark started his driving journey. With his famous “look at me” attitude, HD Harkness has picked up multiple wins from countless shows in Michigan, New York, Wisconsin, and Kentucky, and has won the attention and admiration of spectators! To honor these achievements, we’ve immortalized HD Harkness for this summer’s BreyerFest on Kylee Parks’ Troubadour, mold # 807, in an absolutely stunning bay.



FVA's Grand Design (Tilly): 

When you think of the Drum Horse breed, the first thought that usually comes to mind is a horse carrying a large set of drums in a parade. FVA’s Grand Design, known as Tilly in the barn, is breaking the mold and showing the world just how versatile the Drum Horse can be! This stunning mare was orphaned at a young age, but quickly found herself a home at Jane Williamson’s Four Feathers Farm in Michigan. Tilly proved to be a natural at driving and took to both driving as a single or as a pair with no problem. Four-time winner of the International Drum Horse Association High Point Show Winner, Tilly is certainly proving just how great of a driving horse she is. To add to this versatile mare’s resume, she has even completed a combined driving event, where she is one of only a few Drum Horses to have competed in this discipline!















Delft: $40.00 plus shipping.

Delft, a small city nestled between Rotterdam and The Hague in the Netherlands, made a name for itself in the early 17th century by becoming the leader in blue and white pottery production.  Though this pottery was not genuine porcelain, it’s popularity was unrivaled in Europe between 1600 and 1800.  At its peak, 33 pottery factories existed in the small city and one, which opened in 1653, still produces this stunning, hand-painted art to this day. To commemorate this fun piece of art history, we've created Delft on Mindy Berg's Morgan stallion, mold #667, for our Freedom Series Limited Edition Model. The barrel of this striking blue and white resist splatter dapple decorator features a vintage-inspired horse and driver done in dark blue, reminiscent of the finely-detailed pastoral scenes found on vases, platters, and tiles that made Delft famous. 

Phaeton: $60.00 plus shipping.

The Phaeton is a lightweight, open carriage that was popular in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. It was also the preferred method of transport for the late Queen Elizabeth II for her birthday processionals for more than three decades of her reign. This type of carriage featured a smaller body seated on four very large wheels and was typically drawn by just one or two horses. For this year’s celebration of BreyerFest: Driving Forward, we’ve created Phaeton, a stunning crystal version of Kathleen Moody’s American Saddlebred porcelain model Calliope, who will be a part of this year's Limited Edition model lineup. Though the original porcelain release was about the size of a Traditional model, this scaled-down version is about 5” tall and a perfect fit for your curio cabinet.



















Best of Breyerfest Set: $70.00 plus shipping. Individual models will potentially be available for $40.00 each.

We know fans love Stablemates, so for this year’s Best of BreyerFest Limited Edition Stablemates set, the fourth release of this series, we’ve miniaturized some of the most exclusive models from BreyerFest: Denim & Diamonds to celebrate ten years since their release. As a reminder, all Limited Edition models, including this set, are available to ALL ticket holders, whether you’re joining us in-person at the Kentucky Horse Park, or virtually through

Singletree (Fireheart) - Mini Honky Tonk

Liverpool (Magnolia) - Mini Music Row

Whippletree (Georg) - Mini Opry

Landau (Driving Horse) - Mini Minnie Pearl

Hames (MFT) - Mini Music City

















Sulky: $30.00 plus shipping.

A sulky is a type of lightweight cart with two wheels that has just a single seat and is used for harness racing. If you joined us at BreyerFest in 2018 for our celebration of Off to the Races, you might have seen harness racing champion Foiled Again in the arena, and his sulky up close and personal on display at his stall. For today's Limited Edition reveal, we are so excited to show off to fans this year’s adorably squishable plush! Sulky is ready to roll in his snazzy BreyerFest silks, featuring the BreyerFest logo embroidered on his front and the Driving Forward logo imprinted on his back.


















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