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Have you been the victim of a severely flawed Limited Edition model? One where the flaws look into your soul from across the room? Well, I'm offering a new service this year! I am offering the opportunity to have your Limited Edition models hand-picked! I will make sure that your LE model actually has their eyes painted, and that the giant spot of brown paint is supposed to be there.


All models will be gone over before purchase to ensure a lovely model. Please note that I cannot promise LSQ models, as I cannot see the side of the model attached to the box. I do show myself, so I would consider myself to be a decent judge of what will do well in a show ring. I will guarantee a model with excellent shading, crisp markings, and minimal flaws on the visible portion of the model. I'm going to do my best to get you a show quality model, but I cannot open the boxes to inspect off-sides. This service will (obviously) not apply to any models sold in sealed cardboard boxes, since I lack x-ray vision and cannot see through cardboard. You have my sincere apologies for that fact.


The cost will be $30 per model, plus the cost of the model and shipping. PLEASE NOTE: This service cannot be applied to Limited Edition models picked up with VIP tickets. They just hand me one and go. I'm sorry that I can't offer this for VIP tickets!


Always Chipper: $105.00 plus shipping.

Though the odds were against the unnamed black and white pony as he stood in the pen at a Texas auction house, the stars aligned when "Chip" was sent to Sue and Alpine Griffin’s farm for training. Right away, Alpine and Sue saw Chip was a diamond in the rough. Along with a great canter and form over jumps, Chip was fearless. He eagerly swam in the lake, boldly chased menacing dogs, and nickered at cows. Sue and Alpine were excited to make Chip a permanent part of their family. A year away from the auction pen and with the show name of Always Chipper, he was Green Pony Hunter Champion at his first “AA” show! With his confident attitude, square knees, and flashy color, he impressed judges and gained fans. In one magical year, Chip collected tricolors at “AA” shows across the west, ribboned at USEF Pony Finals, and took top placings at the USHJA National Championships in Las Vegas. Since then, Chip has won championships with many kids, taking them from cross-rails to the Regular Pony Hunter division. This special pony continues to share his confidence with young riders, showing them that by being fearless in the face of challenges they can achieve anything!
















Alan A Day's Work: $110.00 plus shipping.

Alan A Day’s Work, a 2008, 13.3 hand john, strives to prove that yes, you can horse show on a mule! In their early years together, owner Whitney Barnard and Alan dabbled in many different disciplines, but it quickly became clear that Alan loved to jump. Whitney wanted to show the world how talented Alan was and give him a chance to compete. But as a mule in a horse’s world, it was hard to find acceptance until finally a local horse show association welcomed them and let Alan shine. However, mules weren’t permitted to participate in any nationally-recognized jumping disciplines. So, the pair began advocating to change the rules against mules and allow them to compete equally alongside horses in the show ring. After many years, the USHJA and USEF finally passed a rule allowing mules to compete in all levels of jumper competition starting in 2022. In 2023, Whitney and Alan’s goal to become the first mule/rider pair to compete at a recognized jumper competition came true! Not letting rules or judgments stop him, Alan continues, against all odds, to show the world that he is just as capable, and deserving, as any other horse!

Gascon the Great: $110.00 plus shipping.

This special grey Paso Fino gelding is pushing his breed’s boundaries and showing everyone just how much he also excels in the jumper ring! In October of 2018, Gascon was rescued from a seizure case that involved 50 other horses. Untrusting, fearful, and neglected, he made his way to Horses Without Humans Rescue where he found Jennifer Cefalu. After working with Gascon, Jennifer saw something truly special in him that set him apart from many other rescues she’d worked with. She found out he loved to canter and jump. After long, sometimes challenging, days of training Gascon, Jennifer felt he was ready to show the world what he could do. The pair went on to win their first 2’6 jumper class in 2019. After formally registering him with the PFHA they showed at the Paso Fino Grand National Championship later in the year and ended up 3rd in the rescue geldings class. The following year they came back as reserve champions and now continue to receive top ribbons in both Paso Fino breed shows and jumper shows!

Just Like Fire: $45.00 plus shipping.

The phoenix, a mythological immortal bird that is born and reborn again from its own ashes, is such an ancient idea that the exact origins of the creature are contested by scholars – both Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt vie for the accolade of being its creator. Often depicted as a large bird with flaming gold, orange, and red plumage, the Phoenix is a symbol of rebirth, regeneration, and the ability to recreate oneself after tragedy. Rising up from the ashes to be born anew, this beautiful model is Just Like Fire, burning up the way. Done on Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig’s Arabian Stallion, mold #664, this vibrant model sports a stunning pearlescent, flame-inspired gradient decorator with a golden phoenix pinto pattern and glittering eyes – the perfect reminder that, even against all odds, you can come back to life.

Fortitude: $65.00 plus shipping.

“Patience and fortitude.” When you’ve got a challenge ahead of you, obstacles to overcome, make this your mantra. Patience is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. Fortitude is the strength of mind that enables one to encounter danger or adversity with courage. We are thrilled to reveal Fortitude to fans as this year’s BreyerFest Limited Edition 5” crystal model, presented on a feisty, pint-sized version of the fighting stallion, mold #31, originally sculpted by Chris Hess.

Best of Breyerfest Set 2024: $75.00 plus shipping. Individual Models available for $40.00 plus shipping.

It’s Friday and what better way to kick off the weekend than with this whopper of a reveal!  We are so exited to reveal to fans this year’s BreyerFest Limited Edition Best of BreyerFest Set, which will be available to all ticket holders, whether you’re joining us in person, or online.  As an added perk, if you’re interested in being a VIP ticket holder, you’ll have the opportunity to pre-purchase this stunning set of mini raffle models if they are at the top of your list!


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