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Welcome to Shannon's Breyerfest Pickups


Hi there! I'm Shannon, and welcome to my Breyerfest 2024 Pickup page!

I'm planning on offering pickup services again for 2024. This will be my 12th year doing Breyerfest pickups. As always, pickups will be available on a first come, first served basis. I will offering Special Run pickups once again, and I will be offering a new service; Hand-Picked Limited Edition items! I know how frustrating it can be to purchase a Limited Edition directly from Breyer, and find that it is covered in flaws. If you're looking for an LE model with excellent shading and crisp markings, I'm your girl!

Now, I'm sure that you're all going 'Well, online attendees can buy SR's now. Why would I get pickups?' Well, there are a couple of very good reasons to go with a reputable pickup person!

#1 - Online attendees only get access to some of the SR models. Per Breyer's blog post, online attendees will have access to a selection of SR models, but not all of them. What if the model you want isn't one of the ones included? Even worse, what if it is, and you don't get drawn for it?! What if you spent the money on the ticket, just to get drawn for your last choice? Who wants to risk that?

#2 - VIP tickets cannot be redeemed online! If you want to be guaranteed your models, complete with the Stablemates, LE's, and SR's, you'll need to have them picked up in person!

#3 - I can help make sure that you get the versions of the models you want! How frustrating was it to fall in love with the bay Marzipan, and then get sent a palomino from Breyer? Then you had to try and find a trade, and pay the extra shipping, and hope that it arrived safely. Isn't it easier to turn to someone who can make sure that you get the variation that you're looking for?

#4 - I check for flaws! I know that some of you ended up with horribly flawed models directly from Breyer last year. I'm here to ensure that it doesn't happen again! I'll make sure that your Surprise model isn't covered in silver paint, and that your glossy split run model doesn't have an ear missing! Who wants the hassle of having to return the model for a refund, and then hope that you can find a nicer copy?

So, with all of those good reasons to opt for pickups, why not send me a message?

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